Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday in Russia

I have lots of pictures from a number of things in Russia, too many to share on one post. Thanks for keeping up with the blog and for continuing to pray for Becca and the team.

This first pic is 3 team members plus a translator. The translators name is Veeka. Becca has met some people from Ohio that are with the team for a few days as well.

I've incluced a pic of the team as they enter the childrens hospital, a street picture in town, and a pic of some of the young men in drug rehab that they are assisting. Becca tells me that all of the young men pictured are Christians, the drug rehab center is a ministry of the local church. The younger kids in the other picture are at the childrens hospital.

The team will be changing in the next day or so as portions of the team go to other locations or return to the states. The language difference is an obstacle for everyone to overcome. Continue to pray for their safety, Becca tells me that the older boys at the school are the most challenging, from what I hear it may be good that there is a language barrier at times over there.

Becca said that her trip has been a good experience for her.


Mom said...

Very interesting. I love the fact that it's fall and brisk outside. Can hardly wait to hear more!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on Becca's trip Russ!! Becca and her team are in our prayers :) Can't wait to hear how God touches the many lives through Becca during her trip!! Love you all...Shelley :)