Sunday, October 25, 2009


Becca has arrived safely in Dallas TX after a long day of flying from St. Petersburg to Frankfurt, and then on to Dallas. She said that she slept about 2 hours in St. Petersburg before leaving early for the airport, and managed to sleep about 3 or more hours on the plane over the Atlantic. Tomorrow she will fly to Seattle and then take the quick hop over the mountains to home (less than an hour in the air). She will be landing in Pasco about 5:00 PM, which is about the time I leave for my last night of shift work before getting about a week off. I've included a pic she sent me just before the plane took off from Germany.
Thanks to everyone who has been following this blog and remembering Becca and the team in your prayers. We are all anxious to hear about the trip 1st hand, rather than Russ' mindless ramblings in this!
I realized I haven't ever published the website of the group she travelled with...check out Strategic Angel Care at
God bless!

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