Friday, October 23, 2009

Email from Becca

Today I thought I would just post an email that I received from Becca a few minutes ago.

Today we went to the church to talk, hang, and fellowship w/ the men. We presented them w/ photo albums we were up until 1:15am making! They liked them. We also gave book marks and wallets. Then we had a snack (like every morning) and then headed out to the children's hospital. We did a craft and got a group photo. There was a couple new kids there and a couple went home to their families.
There was a girl at the hospital today who was new and her name in English was Veronica. She went by Nica. She is 12 yrs old. She was in her room by herself and didn't want to join the group. She is an orphan. The other kids have families to go home to and she will go back to the orphanage when she is not sick anymore. Anya, one of our interpreters went in her room to talk to her. She was quite sad. Anya was (is) an orphan herself (she is 25). She eventually came out and did the craft and we got a group picture at the end with her in it. She also knew our other translator Natasha from an orphanage camp she went to where Natasha did the music. She plays all sorts of musical instruments and Neeca really took to Natasha and held onto her. She was so much more sad than all the other kids that had families to go home to.
Next we went back to the church to have lunch and then head out to the boys school. It was hard to work with the women director of the school. The people that work there really have no organization whatsoever and we came up with a plan and the last day was supposed to go smoothly however, they changed things on us when we had a schedule that was working. With our schedule they would have a game period, a craft, and a lesson. They didn't have to do the craft so, if they chose they could stay in the gym during that time. The directors decided it would better if the kids decided where they go. Yeah, that doesn't work because then they didn't choose to hear the message :( So, we sent Pastor Andre in to the craft room to give the message but so many of the boys didn't want to do craft so they didn't hear it. I was supposed to be in the gym and do sport because that was where I was to be for all three sessions but they keep everything locked and I left to go get a translator for Sean. Well I got locked out so I ended up helping John w/ some stuff and went into the craft room. It turned out to be a good thing. Although the guys in the gym personally requested that the American play with them. I felt bad. But, I got to connect with some of the boys who were in the craft room.
When I got in there one of the boys was obviously talking about me and his friend was saying my name and they were laughing. Long story short I guess he has a crush on me ;). So, their craft was a photo album with a picture of them on one side and a group photo of us on the other that we had taken Wed of those who would let me take a picture. Then around the frame they would color. I spend an hour sitting there "talking" with these two boys: yagore( Egor), and Vova. They drew and wrote all over a piece of paper that I got to keep. When it was time to go into a different room to give out their gifts Vova handed me his picture frame he had written my name in Russian on, which is spelled BEkA. But sounds quite different in Russian. I didn't want him to not have the group photo so I had Mary (which speaks some Russian) to go tell him I can make a copy of that group photo and that he should keep it. He wanted me to have the photo on him in the frame he made for me...ahhh!!!! It's a shame that it takes until the last day to make some connections and then we don't come back. I wish I could go back and talk with those boys some more. We just started to get to know each other. I wish I had my own personal interpreter because we are all "fighting" for the three we did have". But many things we say aren't translated. :( I will miss those boys.
Then, we headed back to the church for dinner. After dinner, we head upstairs for more fellowship w/ the men. Tonight we played some silly observation games. I never got or understood them until it was made obvious. Of course it might have something to do with the color of my hair they say... I don't know. John talks with the guys and encourages them with their walk with the Lord. Most of them, if not all, have come to know the Lord as Savior. At the end of the night, which was around 8:20, they asked us all to sing an American of choice you may ask??? Old MacDonald! Alright...we sang it...they laughed! It was a great experience. Not at all what I expected but I am very much grateful to the Lord for this opportunity.
Right now, I am on the bus headed back to the University where we sleep. It was a late night. We were going to play Phase ten but after being up until 1:30 last night...I doubt it! Tomorrow we are going to go tour a bit in the morning, eat lunch out together, and then head to orphanage 14 to visit with 8 orphans. We will have a few hours with them. We might take them out to eat at KFC. Things cost a lot more here in American $$. I have to pay Ruebels but it still converts to more $ than we would pay it the states. Now I see why Sean brought $1,000 for the 2 weeks he is here! It goes fast.
I love you baby.
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Mary said...

I'll miss you Becca and the rest of the team when you leave but I will only be here 7 more weeks by myself. You are a brave woman! One day I'll make it to the west coast. Blessings to you and your family!