Saturday, November 22, 2008

Update ready!

Update ready is something we say at work when we want to get information out in a quick fashion to the rest of the operating crew. I haven't blogged in a while, so here are some random thoughts from the last few months or so.....

UCLA beats Tennessee....are you kidding me?
Wyoming beats Tennessee....that dull thud you just heard was my program hitting the ground.
Auburn beats Tennessee...c'mon, they fired their offensive coordinator AFTER beating us!
Tennessee beats Vanderbilt...God is sovereign.

Barack Obama whomps John McCain in the electoral college...congratulations Mr. President-elect, I sincerely wish you the best, as I am an American first, and a Republican second.
Ahem...liberal friends, please read my above's called losing with class, and I hope you will practice it when the tables turn next time.

Federal congressman is fortunate that he voted NO twice on the bailout, or we would have thrown him out on his rear.
Republican party 2000-2008...what is wrong with you guys? Go home and don't come back. You're not welcome for hijacking my party the last 8 years.
President Bush...excellent job on the war on terror. On domestic issues, why did it take you 6 years to find your veto pen? Thanks again for the last two election cycles Mr. President and Republicans in congress.
Republican party...if you guys don't pull your head out, I will register as an independent. Don't even THINK about nominating Giuliani in 2012.

2008 sports:
Seattle Mariners-the first $100 million team to lose 100 games
Seattle Seahawks-I thought Holmgren came back this year to win the big one
Tennessee Volunteers-you have broken my heart, luckily spring practice is coming
Seattle Supersonics-thanks for kids are becoming Lakers fans now...seriously, this is a family tragedy.
Washington Huskies-you guys are so awful colleges might recruit some of your players thinking you were a high school squad
Washington State Cougars-don't laugh at the Huskies...besides them you beat mighty Portland State.

So much for the rants. School is in full swing, and I'm very happy with the boys and their school. Seriously, the tuition is the best money I spend all month. We have family coming to town for Thanksgiving, the more the better, hoping to have a houseful.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!